5 hidden 8 ball pool tricks and tips for beginners

One of the most played game throughout the world is the 8 ball pool. This game is easy to play and grasp that allows you to enjoy the pool game virtually. This game has skilled players so it requires intense effort to get through the game. Millions of people are playing it throughout the globe so you have to struggle harder if you want to beat other players. With few hidden tricks and tips, you can master this game. This article will guarantee your success in this game without any hacks or cheats.

Do proper planning

A legend that Practice makes a man perfect so if you want to master this game, then you have to play it routinely with proper planning. A good planning is the key to success in this game. If you plan your moves ahead of time, then you will not panic when a tough player hit you. In every break, do some brainstorming and think about a reasonable pecking order for the upcoming hits. Watch it carefully, see which ball is close to the pocket and how you can throw it in the pocket. Moreover, make some backup plans which can help you in your hard time.

Spin the ball

If you want to win the game, then you must know the right way to spin the ball. For this purpose, you need to follow some tips like place a cue contact point at the tip of the ball, this will cause the cue ball to make a good contact with the object ball and hit it harder at more spin. If you want to change the angle of a cue ball, then side spin is the best form. If you want to move the ball in the left direction, then put the left hand side spin on instead of hitting it in the middle. The speed of the ball also affect its spin like the faster ball will always move in the straight direction so if you want to move it in a particular direction then you have to hit it slowly.

Management of Coins

The basic focus of the 8 ball pool player is primarily on coins. When you have enough coins, you can enter into the lobbies of the best players.  Moreover, you have to practice restraint when it comes to spending that money.

Select stripes or spots

You success in this game depends on your decision of whether you choose stripes or spots. Watch the position of different balls present on the table and see how many of them you can move. The way you spread the ball gives a good chance of winning this game.

Play with one cue

This pool game has several cues when a player moves to the higher levels. But the best advice is to remain stick to one cue which is comfortable for you. A cue of the 8 ball pool game can have drastic impact on your shots so pick the one which is comfortable for you. An uncomfortable cue can either make or break your game so stick to one cue and master it.

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